Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm a Witness

Sitting in the bar still recovering from the Red Wings overtime time loss I witnessed something special. 

As I look around the bar patrons began to finish their last sips of beer and close their tabs. A few sports fans still stayed glued to the television, myself included. While the conversation continues to swarm around the officials terrible choice to lay down a game misconduct on Kronwall for what was a seemingly clean hit. The Orlando Magic once again recovered from a double digit half time deficit. 

Then I saw something I haven't seen called in the NBA in years, traveling on the king himself. Once known as his patented "crab dribble" the hop and two step drive to the basket. The Magic take over from there and with 1.0 second left they hold dearly to a two point win at the Quicken Loans Arena. This is the place where only two teams won all year, and the Magic look to have won two games to start the series. 

With my eyes still focused on the screen I viewed something that blew my mind. LBJ grabbed the ball off the inbound with 1.0 second left and in one motion caught and shot the ball. As soon as he let it go I knew it was in.

That shot will go down in history as his defining shot. We all know MJ's shot and in twenty years everyone will know Lebron's shot. 

In the past I was skeptical but tonight I became a witness.

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